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why am i falling?

An Experimental Fear Comic


  • Mental Health

  • Nightmares

  • Trauma

  • Fears/Phobias

White Minimalist Modern Fashion Book Cov

"why am i falling?" is an experimental dive into the author's fears using the swell of copyright-free photos in the Public Domain. Each chapter is filled with a hypnotizing, dream-like rendition of a personal fear. Each page is crafted to stand alone from the story as an artistic tribute to fear itself.



The strong and evocative images used in this book will stay with you long after you close it, especially if you have some of the fears that are explored. The page layouts are very collage-like, which makes the stories feel less constrained by borders. It almost defies the fourth wall. Little details like the way the cat plays around with the panels in the first chapter make a story that seems simple at first glance into something very layered and thought-provoking.



Why Am I Falling is a visual exploration of fear and the feelings that arise from various types of frightening situations. Everything is laid out with such purpose from the font, the text format, and the arrangement of the pictures making the whole experience so immersive. You can tell the author put a lot of thought and care into the creation of this graphic novel, working hard to create not just a story but an environment. I especially appreciate how the author managed to capture so accurately the feelings of violation, guilt, shame, and fear victims of sexual harassment are made to feel in the second story. I believe it's really important to see these types of stories represented in media especially in this sort of immersive format as it can help people who are experiencing harassment identify their feelings as well as identify the harassment itself, which can often be difficult. M. Meyers's talent really shines through in this piece, and I highly recommend her work!


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