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Cold Spots


  • Mental Health

  • LGBTQ+

  • Identity

  • College

  • Female Empowerment

  • New Adult

COLD SPOTS eBOOK cover M.Meyers.jpg

College life has shaken Riley Donovan more than she could have prepared for. In this foreign environment, Riley is constantly on edge. Traveling to her dorm after a late lab one night, Riley feels she is being followed. Consumed with doubt, Riley wonders if this stalker is real or if it is all in her head. Longing for a sense of control, Riley decides to move away from campus life to an apartment of her own only to find that there is something else waiting to meet her. A mental health recovery story with a paranormal twist, Riley is forced to choose between self-care and the comfort she has found in her grey apartment. Will Riley brave the cold for help? Will she face the thing that follows her at night?

A journey toward mental health recovery with a paranormal twist!

Mental health, sexuality, and new adult rep with a paranormal twist? Yes please! This book is incredible!

Iona Wayland, Writer

I think many college students will find Riley deeply relatable as she struggles to keep up with schoolwork, have a social life, enjoy college, and take care of her mental health.


Many scenes hit so close to home that I found myself crying. The supporting cast are all memorable and charming.

I would recommend this book to anyone who feels alone in their struggles with mental illness.


I absolutely loved this from the bottom of my heart. These characters are fantastic, your understanding of narrative is brilliant, and the way you focus on the character's personal journey throughout made that a shining beacon in this plot is superb.

Beta Reader

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